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Episode 21

Closing The Loop On
Kary's New Book Back

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Episode 20

Book Descriptions

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Episode 19

Check Out The New
Book Hook Wizard

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Episode 18

The Single Most
Powerful Part Of
Your Content

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Episode 17

Use FB Live
to Make More
Book Sales

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Episode 16

How to Come Up With Amazing Story Ideas To Help You Sell More Books

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Episode 15

Top 2 Things You NEED To Get Booked on Media Interviews

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Episode 14

Fiction Book

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Episode 13

Your Book Hook

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Episode 12

Big Name Influencer Support

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Episode 11

Take Courage!
And use a wizard to sell some books!

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Episode 10

Self-Published Authors- You Really CAN Sell a LOT More Books

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Episode 9

Sell More Books - My Secret Hacks: Exposure Without Going Broke Buying Ads

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Episode 8

How Does Your Own Personal Story Help Sell Your Book?

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Episode 7

Hook'em With Your Back Cover Copy Using A Powerful Headline

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Episode 6

2020 Is All About Momentum!

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Episode 5

Will Author Wizards Work For My "Soft Topic"?

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Episode 4

How To Share Your Content On Social Media

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Episode 3

Authors: Get More Eyes on Your Book & Build Your Tribe!

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Episode 2

I Wrote An Article... Now What?

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Episode 1

How To Pick The Perfect Idea To Use For Content Marketing

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How To Do A
Facebook Live

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